Smart City start with LITEON

With insights into the future of Smart City, LITE-ON is dedicated to change people's lives with cutting edge technologies. We utilize our own strength and bring in expertise from related fields through investments to provide practical Smart City solutions regarding to Communication Networking, Smart Lighting, Smart Surveillance, Sensing and Smart Signage.

Communication Networking

LITE-ON Communication Networking includes Management Platform, Connectivity and Sensors. Users can manage devices, data, accounts and service security on the platform. Besides, It has city-wide internet connectivity and enables users to connect and access data anytime, anywhere safely.

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Smart Lighting

LITE-ON is one of the global leading company in lighting and has obtained experiences by working with the best players in the industry. We aim to create sustainable Smart City, so that we weigh much on energy saving and streetlight maintenance and management costs reduction. However, we understand that safety is as much as important, by improving lighting conditions and visibility, many traffic accident can be avoided.

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LITE-ON Smart Surveillance is designed to let the users to see what they want, when they want, and most importantly to create a safe and secure community. We utilize the cutting-edge technologies including face recognition, people counting, intrusion, loitering for smart security. Besides, we leverage license plate recognition, car counting, violation detection and parking control to reach our goal of Smart Traffic Management.

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LITE-ON sensing keeps track and monitor environment, safety and lighting conditions. The Environment Sensors enable the users to collect real-time data of air quality, weather and water level. With the safety sensors, toxic gases, fire, smoke, gunshot or distress can be known straight away after it’s happened. LITE-ON also has lighting sensors to sense ambient light, motion and color spectrum.

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Smart Signage

The Smart Signage of LITE-ON shows information to the right audience at the right time with full color and full video streaming LED display. It utilizes digital ink which is low power consumption, monochrome/full color and dynamic signage.


  • 光林照明事业部

    智能灯系统 / 交通系统

  • 智能监控系统事业部

    NVRs 模组系统 / Network Cameras

  • 通讯模组事业部

    客制化规格 / 低功耗无线模组